Guest Profile: Harmony Kwiker

Author of ALIGN: Living and Loving from the True Self

Founder of the Institute for Spiritual alignment, Harmony Kwiker, MA, created this institute to support all people in embodying their truest Self. As a professor of Transpersonal Gestalt Counseling at Naropa University, Harmony has heard countless stories of clients, therapists, and coaches feeling disappointed with their experiences with therapists and coaches. Being told by clients and students that her style of holding space is what they’ve always longed for but didn’t know was possible, Harmony became dedicated to supporting clients in getting connected with a spiritually aligned therapist/coach.

At the Institute for Spiritual Alignment, we believe that all people deserve to be seen for the wholeness of who they are. Honoring a person’s innate knowing, their natural inclination towards healing, and their alignment with their vital force are cornerstones of a spiritually aligned session.

The purpose and mission of the Institute is to bridge the divide between traditional and spiritual transformation through education of therapists, coaches, and anyone who is interested in the transpersonal.


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Dec 16, 2022

What's the greatest gift you can give yourself during the Holidays? It's the same one we wish for the rest of the year... health. We talk to health expert Martie Whittekin about the gift that keeps on giving.

Founder of the Institute for Spiritual alignment and author of Align: Living and Loving from the True Self talks about why spirituality is important and how we can stay aligned with our true selves.

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