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Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick is an internationally recognized, business astrologer and speaker. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, and is listed in several Who's Who books, including Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in America.

She writes a column for Promise Magazine and she annually writes The Good Timing Guide, An Astrological Business Planner. Her combined talents in business and personal astrology, an Economics degree, and her prosperity training provide you with a new view of the economy and ways to prosper with the Universe.

She is heard on Conscious Talk Radio the first Wednesday of each month for their Conscious Business segment. Please visit her at


Madeline Gerwick's Shows:

DateTopic of ShowAudio
May 03, 2006

Live Wisely, Living Well - Herbs for Pets featured in Herbs For Health Magazine.

Polaris Business Guides Astrology and the economic forecast

Politics of Hope - The Millenium Generation

Audio not available
Apr 05, 2006

Living Wisely, Living Well with Natural Home & Garden

Polaris Business Guides Business Astrology

Politics of Hope

Audio not available
Mar 01, 2006

Editor and Chief of Herbs for Health discusses Springtime is Cleanse Time

Polaris Business Guides Monthly update

Politics of Hope Author brings us new ways to transform our political system.

Audio not available
Jan 04, 2006

The Politics of Hope
Business Astrologer's monthly visit

Audio not available
Nov 02, 2005

Author of The Politics of Hope talks about The Morality of Politics.

Business Astrologer from Polaris Business Guides talks about the current influences of Mars and Mercury.

Audio not available
Sep 07, 2005

Business Astrologer
Author of Animal Elders talks with us about the compassion it takes to euthanize an aging companion. A beautiful book, full of grace.

Audio not available
Jul 06, 2005

Here's How Marketing
Business Astrology

Audio not available
Mar 02, 2005

Business Astrologer
Author of Healthy Medicine, The Emergence of Sensible, Comprehensive Care

Audio not available
Feb 02, 2005

Naturpathic Doctor who specializes in degenerative diseases like osteoperosis and Alzheimer's.
Business astrological guide

Audio not available
Dec 01, 2004

Business Astrologer

Audio not available
Oct 07, 2004

Buisiness Guides

Audio not available
May 05, 2004

Polaris Business Guides <>br/> New Dimension Radio

Audio not available

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