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Tina Naughton-Powers has had the gift of inspiring others for as long as her friends and family can remember. With her trademark smile, infectious laugh and an ever present sparkle in her eye, the former news anchor and television producer has authored her first children's book entitled The Land of Imagination. After all, it was Naughton-Powers. own imagination and inner spirit that motivated her transition from the often harsh reality of evening news, to acting in film and television commercials to inspiring kids around the world with her new book. In The Land of Imagination, readers from the ages of 6-9 are introduced to a magical kingdom where characters follow their hearts and do what they love to do. Intuition takes form as a beautiful butterfly, Higher Self as a wise dragon who lives deep in a forest, evil as a nasty wizard and Hope and Inspiration in the form of a lovely young maid who dreams of being an actress. In The Land of Imagination, negative thoughts are turned into positive action and children learn to believe that anything is possible with a little bit of hope and a little dreaming. CREDENTIALS: Tina Naughton-Powers is a former news reporter/anchor, assignment editor, television producer and talk show host for CBS in Arizona. She has hosted her own morning radio show and the Children’s Miracle Network telethon for 9 years. Naughton-Powers has also developed the "Be Good News Kids" program. This virtue-based educational program geared toward grades K-5 incorporates hope, optimistic views and coping skills for living in today's complex and often negative environment. Naughton-Powers appears regularly at the world-renowned Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ, where she conducts lectures on intuition and clairvoyance, clairaudience and messages from "the other side". Other noteworthy projects for Naughton-Powers include production of a TV series called "The Light Show"(no more bad news-casting) and writing a book about her experiences that lead her to her current life as a Medium/ Intuitive.


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Jul 28, 2008

From News Anchor to Medium. Author of The Land of Imagination talks about her transition to a different life.

Author of Buddhism For Busy People

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