Guest Profile: Gina Mazza Hillier

Gina Mazza Hillier is a nationally published freelance journalist, editor, writing consultant, dance enthusiast and advocate of living with unbounded creative abandon and full-frontal consciousness. She is known for being a source of inspiration or, a muse to their writing and in their spiritual-personal development. Gina is a partner and founder of Epiphany Works, LLC, an "inspired events" planning company that creates public entertainment and forums of inquiry to celebrate and integrate world cultures and spiritual traditions. These events serve to awaken a sense of awe and radical amazement at the miracle of life and beauty of community. In addition to Everything Matters, Nothing Matters, Gina is the co-author of two nonfiction books. She lives with her family in a town called Harmony.


Gina Mazza Hillier's Shows:

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Jun 30, 2008

Author of Everything Matters, Nothing Matters - For Women Who Dare To Live With Exquisite Calm, Euphoric Creativity & Divine Clarity.

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