Guest Profile: Duane Elgin

Global Trends, Consciousness, and a Sustainable Future

Two of Duane’s books explore a sustainable future and a new social consciousness: Promise Ahead and Awakening Earth. Two mini-documentaries on this theme are: “The Human Journey” and “Is Humanity Growing Up?” Key writing includes the reports: Global Consciousness Change and Collective Consciousness and Cultural Healing.

Voluntary Simplicity and Simple Ways of Living

Duane’s best selling book Voluntary Simplicity has been named the “bible of the simplicity movement.” His articles, “Cool Lifestyle for a Hot Planet,” and “The Garden of Simplicity” describe a range of approaches to green living that are thriving in the world. The article “Voluntary Simplicity” that he co-authored in 1977 helped launch the modern simplicity movement. Also see the mini-documentary “Crash or Bounce.” Stay tuned for a second revised edition of Voluntary Simplicity that will be published in late 2009.


Duane Elgin's Shows:

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May 27, 2009

Best selling author releases his newest book The Living Universe

Pulbisher of Mother Earth News

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May 07, 2004

Conscious Media Conference and Author of Promise Ahead

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