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Guest Profile: James Lavalle

Founder of the LaValle Metabolic institute. Expert on the miracle of aged garlic. For info on the LaValle Institute in Cleveland go to: www.metaboliccode.com. Jim is a nantionally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board certified clinical nutritionist and naturopathic doctorate. He is the Life Time Fitness (LTM) expet on nutrition and metabolism and consults throughout North America touching millions through their Fitness Facilities.

Website: www.kyolic.com

James Lavalle's Shows:

Previous Shows

DateTopic of ShowAudio
Oct 23, 2014

Health and nutrition expert talks about taking control of your health.

Author of How Do You Pray.

Click here to listen to archived show
Jan 17, 2013

Nutrition and metabolic expert sees some new cardiorisks out there... and also some natural solutions.

Publisher of The New Spirit Journal shares some of her wisdom and reader responses to the journal.

Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 07, 2011

Health and Nutrition expert educates us about aged garlic... This is not your Earth Mother's garlic anymore!

Authors of Fit Soul Fit Body form a unique partnership in health.

Click here to listen to archived show
Feb 05, 2010

Author of The Joining has spent her life committed to awakening spirit on the planet.

Audio not available
Oct 29, 2009

Founder of the Living From Greatness Program works with people to connect with their creative spirit.

Garlic expert! Yeah! Talks about health and the wonder bulb :)

Audio not available
Feb 13, 2009

Author of Mid-Life Divorce and the Rebirth of Commitment

What are the health benefits of Aged Garlic?

Audio not available
Jun 05, 2008

Wakunaga Products Highlights and their benefits

Power, Passion, and Purpose, the P3 Group women's inspirational group

Audio not available
Feb 14, 2008

Author of Happiness For Two

Founder of the LaValle institute talks about natural immunity boosting with garlic.

Audio not available
Jun 22, 2007

LaValle Metabolic Institute Founder is an aged garlic expert, which means Kyolic...

Author of FableHaven discusses whether entertainment encourages children to break rules.

Audio not available
Jan 12, 2007

Natural Estrogen, Estro-G, new natural estrogen products

Longevity and miraculous aged garlic, Kyolic, Garlic Expert discusses the benefits of garlic.

Audio not available


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