Guest Profile: Cathy Wild

Meet Cathy Wild. Counselor. Creator. Catalyst. Cathy Wild has spent more than 30 years developing innovative approaches to healing that integrate powerful body-centered techniques with the creative process.—”I am always at my best while guiding clients into the depths of felt-experience that can profoundly transform their lives .” While expanding her successful private practice, Cathy became a popular speaker, workshop leader, and corporate consultant. She has facilitated women’s groups, writing groups, and book groups; and has taught in the extended education program at Santa Rosa Junior College. A pioneer in somatic counseling, the expressive arts, and the field of life coaching, Cathy has also been featured as a creativity expert on the PBS television series, In the Prime. For many years, she wrote Wild Ideas, a column about personal growth and creative living that inspired her book by the same name. Today, her life’s work has deepened and evolved into Body-Centered Healing—a dynamic, experiential process that supports clients on a profound personal journey of transformation. The results? Focus, inspiration, a sense of well-being—and, most importantly, the ability to shift formerly intractable patterns that tend to undermine our confidence and ability to engage.


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Jul 28, 2017

Author of Wild Ideas - Creativity From the Inside Out breaks down the reality of how creativity serves us and where it comes from.

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