Guest Profile: Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline and her husband Joseph moved onto their biodynamic farm in southwest Washington in 2001 and she got her first hives soon after. She attended conventional bee school and immediately knew there must be a different way to care for bees that is more respectful, more compassionate, more like the way feral bees live. A few years later she began teaching this bee-centric approach in her classes, blending natural beekeeping and bee-driven insights into the nature of bees.

She speaks and teaches about bees at events including the Organic Beekeepers Conference, NW Permaculture, Women’s Permaculture Conference, Women in Agriculture. She’s written magazine articles for Biodynamics, Lilipoh, Home Orchard Society, Living in the Northwest, a chapter for the Queen of the Sun book, and appeared as the gentle swarm-mover in the documentary “Queen of the Sun.” In 2013 she was invited by the Dominican Republic to work with rural beekeepers to help them learn organic and biodynamic methods to care for their bees.
In her life-before-bees. she founded a holistic health center and a women’s crisis center. For a dozen years she was on faculty for a Structural Integration school. In 2003 she and her husband Joseph started a school of Equine Structural Integration. In early 2015 her bee book, “The Song of Increase: Returning to our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees,” was published. More to come!


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Jul 27, 2017

Author of SONG OF INCREASE: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for a Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World tells us of the world of Honeybees and what she's learned about their consciousness.

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