Guest Profile: Anne Wilson Schaef

Anne is the author of sixteen internationally best-selling books including When Society Becomes an Addict; Women’s Reality; Native Wisdom for White Minds; Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science and Living in Process. Her books have been translated into many languages including Japanese, Chinese, Croatian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch and others and have been bestsellers throughout the world. When Society Becomes an Addict was a New York Times best seller and was nominated for Best Political Book of the Year, and Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much has sold well over two million copies worldwide.

Her books fall into two categories: 1) theoretical commentaries about the society and how it is functioning or not and 2) books for personal growth and healing. Anne is now expanding to writing children’s books, short stories and novels, and periodically holds and teaches a Writers Retreat. In addition to her books, she writes a blog, and she has written numerous articles and appeared on major television, radio and web programs throughout the world.

Anne has developed her own approach to healing the whole person, called Living in Process which comes out of the ancient teachings of her ancestors and her own life experience. She was raised in the traditional Cherokee way by her mother and her great grandmother, and has carried the principles taught her into her life and her work. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Union Institute in Ohio and an honorary doctorate in Human Letters from Kenyon College in Kenyon, Ohio. After practicing for many years, she left the field of psychology and psychotherapy in 1984 as she was developing the groundbreaking Living in Process work.

Living in Process works with recovery from the addictive process of individuals, families and societies and moves beyond to wholeness of body, mind and spirit. In the last thirty years, Anne has taught this approach of healing throughout the world, and is known internationally as a visionary with the practical applications to back up the truth. She has worked intensively with addictions — both ingestive addictions (alcohol, food, drugs, etc.) and process addictions (work, gambling, sex, relationships, etc.). Many of her books expand on these topics including, Co-dependence: Misunderstood, Mistreated; Escape from Intimacy: Untangling the “Love” Addictions: Sex, Romance, Relationships;

As a response to requests from people who wanted to learn more about the Living in Process approach to living, Anne began facilitating a “training” group in 1981. The training group continues to thrive internationally with network members in North America, Europe and the South Pacific with whom Anne works very closely.

In 2016 she published There Will be a Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity and They Will be Ushered in by the Women, and has several books to be published soon including Journey to Total Societal Transformation; Tales of the Klamath River; and Daily Reminders for Living a New Paradigm.

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Nov 21, 2016

Author of There will be a Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity and They Will Be Ushered in By The Women sheds some light and wisdom on where we stand in history without the input of women and what it would be like to get out of the patriarchal system we live in.

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