Guest Profile: Patricia Albere

Patricia Albere is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally recognized contemporary spiritual teacher and mystic passionate about creating a new paradigm for a higher order of human relatedness. Her work awakens others to the profound depths and infinite wisdom accessed by way of two or more people connected to larger and more powerful evolutionary forces.

Founder of Evolutionary Collective, | Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, Patricia Albere is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening. One in which we learn to go beyond individual psychology and transformation into a new space of mutual awakening or ‘inter-being’ or we-mysticism.

She is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us.

The Evolutionary Collective creates a powerful field of shared consciousness that moves humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth, well beyond any imagined potentials. Patricia has worked with over 200,000 people in groups in the last 40 years. Her mastery as a transformative teacher is now innovating a new field of ‘inter-subjective awakening’ and post-personal development.

There are currently two main hubs for the Evolutionary Collective Yearlong Intensives, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Evolutionary Collective also has an ongoing virtual global practice community that engages in Virtual Courses, Intensives and Free Workshops. Her new bestselling book EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening is now available.


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Feb 05, 2018

Author of Evolutionary Relationships - Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening talks about how our relationships can lead the way to shifitng consciousness.

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