Guest Profile: Bret Lynch

Bret is a nationally and internationally recognized research chef and has been in commercial food service for more than 25 years as a Culinologist and Executive Chef. As Executive Chef for CuliNex, during the past 3 years Bret has supported operations as a project manager and is responsible for managing the CuliNex Analytical Laboratory.

Bret has worked as a product development consultant for major food manufacturers, ingredient companies, retailers and global restaurant chains. Before becoming a consultant, Bret managed commercial catering operations for Compass Group International, Eurest Catering, Hong Kong. After returning to Washington he continued working with Compass Group at Microsoft headquarters, Redmond WA and was awarded a top restaurant of the year award. Other experience includes: Food and Beverage Manager, Hyatt Regency Saipan, Mariana Islands, and as an Executive Chef for West Coast Hotels, a chain of boutique hotels and convention centers. In addition to his many years in restaurant food service operations, Bret has honed his culinary skills by working with many regional and international cuisines.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Bret has a degree in Food Service Technology and Hotel Restaurant Management, and has studied professional development programs at the Culinary Institute of America.

Bretís specializes in natural and organic products bringing new products to market from business strategy, marketing support to concepting, formulation and development of commercial production specifications and sales support.

Bret has been published in Prepared Foods, Food Product Design, Plate Magazine and Restaurant Business Magazines. He is a member of the Research Chefís Association, the American Culinary Federation and the Institute of Food Technologists. Chef Bret lives in a flavorful home with his working Chef and Wife Stephanie and Son Aiden.


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