Guest Profile: Dr. Terry C. Thomas

Dr. Terry Thomas’s life experience became the laboratory in his search for spiritual truth, and the core of his second book, Religion To Reality. During his undergrad years, Terry became involved in Campus Crusade for Christ, where he met his bride, Nancy. Less than 24 hours after their wedding , they were in a ghastly car crash. Terry had extensive injuries and was not expected to live. Nancy was killed. Their relationship, her death, and his grief-recovery became the foundation of his first book, At Least We Were Married.,/br>
After loosing his bride, he realized the limitations of the youth group. Terry and his colleagues left the organization and spent years attempting to create house churches, most of which failed. He decided to go back to his roots and start over. “I admired Martin Luther as an innovator and religious entrepreneur and wanted to get to the bottom of his belief structure.” So Terry returned to his Lutheran faith, entered Luther Seminary in Minneapolis/St Paul and later earned a PhD in Theology from Marquette University, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had a twenty-five year career as a Lutheran minister, and taught theology at Marquette University. “Along with the joy of that period, I began to discover that the church was not seeking truth but was tied into the theologies of the fourth, fifth and sixteenth centuries.” He discovered traditional churches hired pastors to preserve tradition, not seek the truth as we might understand in our contemporary world. Church leaders left parishioners to find their own purpose among the archaic doctrines that no longer served them. Dr. Thomas’s life-long investigation of spirituality beyond his traditional religious instruction, includes various wings of Christian expression from Traditional and Evangelical to New Thought. In addition, Terry is a Master in Reiki and has an additional BA in Metaphysical Science.

Dr. Thomas is based in the Pacific Northwest and offers workshops and presentations on life breakthroughs, coping with grief, and the use of meaningful, practical, common sense spirituality.


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