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Divine Alignment & Straightening for Healing Practitioners (Exclusive one time offering)
~ with PETER MANNS - Master Trainer

Friday April 24, 2015, 6:00- 10:00 pm

Counselors, Psychiatrists, Practitioners, Clergy, Body workers, and healers of all types are invited to refresh, renew and realign their connection with Spirit through the process of Divine Alignment and Straightening. This exclusive workshop for people in “healing” professions will liberate you from energy blocks and entanglements from your life and energize your life and your practice.

Reconnect to Source and your highest calling for your healing work by aligning your soul with the Universal Life Source Energy which leads to a physical straightening of your spine.

Divine Alignment and Straightening is a powerful holistic transformational process without touch or physical manipulation that accesses your entire systems and provides a reset and clearing for the entire human system, enabling energy to flow.

Professional Courtesy Discount of 15% extended to Professional Healers if registered before April 21, 2015 of $211.

Every registrant also receives a “DAS-Card” to fortify your ongoing healing and alignment. More information about the DAS-Card at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt2dlkQvBmg

Peter Manns is an internationally certified Master Trainer for Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Systemic Leadership, Life & Business Coaching, the LIFO® - Method, synergetic EMDR, Reiki, Quantrix Energetics® and Divine Alignment & Straightening. He brings his modalities together as a Business & Life Coach, Counselor and Trainer to provide uniquely personalized change processes that allow you to experience more love and flow in your life.

His International practice is based in Luxemburg, Europe and brings him to North America twice a year.

For event registration and info: Carmin Dalziel, (206) 409-3507 * goodcarmagirl@gmail.com.

Individualize - One on One Sessions with Peter – take advantage of this master trainer’s breadth of knowledge and book an individual 120 minute session with Peter. $180/ hour. Spaces limited.


DYNAMIC CHIROS 15230 Ne 24th St Ste 1-S Redmond, WA 98052

Cost: 249.00

Combo—Art of Empathy

Friday, April 24 7:30-9 - Saturday 10:30-5 - Sunday 1-5

What if there were a single skill that could radically improve your relationships and your emotional life?

Empathy, teaches empathic pioneer KARLA MCLAREN, M.Ed., is that skill!

In The Art of Empathy: A Complete Guide to Life’s Most Essential Skill, McLaren combines four decades of empathic experience with current insights from neuroscience, social science, the arts, and healing traditions to teach you how to become a healthy, happy, and intentional empathic presence in a world that needs you!

With her groundbreaking model of The Six Essential Aspects of Empathy, McLaren helps you understand empathy clearly so that you can develop and nurture healthy empathy in your inner life, in your relationships, and in the world!

Blog by Delia Yeager - Attended Workshop Last Year in Seattle Karla McLaren and Emotion Theater Returns! Last year Karla McLaren came to East West to present the Emotion Theater to a very appreciative group! On Friday night Karla told us about her life’s experiences as what we now call an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, what it was like for her growing up and how she came to write the wonderful books, THE LANGUAGE OF EMOTIONS: WHAT YOUR FEELINGS ARE TRYING TO TELL YOU, and, THE ART OF EMPATHY: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO LIFE’S MOST ESSINTIAL SKILL. Karla has had a varied and interesting life and this part of the event helped to give us the context for what was to come. On Saturday, she started right off with a great participation exercise to bring us into the body, into this space where we were to have this amazing experience. As Karla was explaining the process of Emotion Theater, she meant to be giving us an over view of what to expect but we were so enthralled, we started moving around and setting up the room to DO Emotion Theater, not just get prepared for it!

The experience is so powerful, yet fun and totally amazing. Karla explains everything very well, and then lets it happen, and we all participated and were honestly amazed. This is what truly understanding something feels like, not just to know some words in the mind but for the whole body to comprehend the power, usefulness and impact of emotions, and how to “hear” them better. There were professional counselors, coaches, therapists, artist, seekers, people participating to learn more to help their clients, and participating to help themselves. Everyone present got to experience and express moving moments of deepening awareness of their own humanity, and the humanity of others. This workshop is really life-changing. I hope you come to the April Event.

Here’s Karla talking about Emotion Theather: http://youtu.be/k1OX-OGmF38
http://youtu.be/3hmCRtqqg3E Embracing Your Emotions:

Website: http://karlamclaren.com/

Register Now! "Click" on VISIT WEBSITE


EAST WEST BOOKSHOP 6500 Roosevelt Way Ne Seattle, WA 98115 Phone: (206) 523-3726

Cost: 125.00

Stepping Out of the Box – A Path for Higher Levels of Wellness
~ with Brenda Michaels - author of The Gift of Cancer – A Miraculous Journey to Healing

Saturday, April 25th Noon-2PM

What would your life be like if you trusted your intuition, your gut, your bodies’ signals, your heart? What if you knew that healing is possible no matter what anyone tells you? The energy on the planet today is supporting this step. Our part in this amazing journey is to go beyond what we “think” we know into a place of absolute knowing. Join Brenda Michaels, co-host of Conscious Talk Radio, author of “The Gift of Cancer – A Miraculous Journey to Healing", Spiritual & Emotional Coach, and co-founder of Intentional Shift, as she shares empowering ways to open to “all” the possibilities awaiting you as you breakthrough to higher levels of health and vitality in your life.

FREE - SIGN UP TODAY! 425-869-7000




15830 Redmond Way

Redmond, Washington

Phone: 425-869-7000


Cost: Free

Divine Alignment & Straightening
~ with PETER MANNS - Master Trainer, Spiritual Healer from Germany

Your choice: Saturday April 25, 2015 12:00 am – 3:00pm or 3:30 pm – 6:30pm

Are you suffering from chronic back pain?

Do you regularly feel “out of alignment” through your hips, back and neck?

Are you experiencing health related challenges due to a curvature of your spine?

Then Divine Alignment & Straightening, or DAS is for you!

Discover freeing, aligning & straightening of the spinal column through a spiritual correction of shoulder blades, pelvic tilt and functional difference in the length WITHOUT TOUCHING the body. Divine Alignment and Straightening is a powerful holistic transformational process without touch or physical manipulation that accesses all your systems and eliminates entanglements and “energy blockers” from your life. It provides a re-connection, reset and clearing for the entire human system, enabling energy to flow and giving you an energy boost to break free from your hindering patterns and make the essential changes in you life to become more successful in all areas.

Immediate physical effects include the Straightening of the Spine, leveling of Shoulder Blades and Pelvis, and equalization of Leg Length. DAS can also provide effective resolution of interpersonal and family issues allowing you to live a more balanced, expressed life. Many people have experienced pain reduction in their bodies and have developed a better attitude about their life after receiving DAS.

Read about experiences at http://www.divine-alignment-straightening.com/guestbook.php?menuid=6

This 3-hour session teaches you the dynamics of how your physical alignment is tied to the energetic alignment of the world and follows with the actual experience of Alignment and Straightening. You will experience the alignment of your soul followed by the straightening of your spine and witness those of other people in the group.

100% refund if there is no measurable change in the results.

See DAS in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX3XxOgpZ4M

Registration Fee: $249.00 Buddy Discount Save $50 a person! - Register with a friend and save $50 each if pre-registered by April 15! $199 per person.

Every registrant also receives a “DAS-Card” to fortify your ongoing transformation process and alignment (A $15 value.)

More information about the “DAS-Card” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt2dlkQvBmg

Sign-up: Carmin Dalziel, (206) 409-3507 * goodcarmagirl@gmail.com or register on website.

Individualize One on One Sessions with Peter – take advantage of this master trainer’s breadth of knowledge and book an individual 120 minute session with Peter. $180/ hour. Spaces limited!


DYNAMIC CHIROS 15230 Ne 24th St Ste 1-S Redmond, WA 98052

Cost: 249.00

Family Constellation Workshop 101 & Healing Sessions
~ with PETER MANNS - Master Trainer, Spiritual Healer from Germany

Sunday, April 26 Workshop 9:30 am – 1:00pm; Healing Session 1:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Family Constellation Workshop 101

Peter Manns, a NLP Master Trainer with more than 9 years of experience facilitating Family Constellations brings you an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Bert Hellinger’s profound work. In the opening 4 hour session Peter will reveal the why and how of the universal “Orders of Love” that govern family systems and their members may be affecting your ability to live the life of your own potential.

Even if you have experienced Family Constellations before this 101 workshop will explain how the dynamics of the constellation work in the energy fields of Universal Life and how you can access that same field in your day-to-day life.

Family Constellation, Workshop & Constellation Sessions:

See your own family dynamics unfold as a client or participate and witness the resolution of another’s life dynamic. As a client of a Systemic or Family Constellation workshop you will have the opportunity to experience how the origin of problems within your relationships to include your health, family and career. As a participant you will experience the energy of the divine matrix working through you to produce resolving changes in another’s life.

More information about Family (Systemic) Constellation and how it works at: www.divine-alignment-straightening.com/index.php?menuid=2&reporeid=17 and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields and Systemic Family Constellations at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JydjryhEl5o

Registration Fee:
Family Constellation workshop 101 ONLY $149 per person

Family Constellation workshop 101 + Client Healing session* $249(Client sessions are limited to 6)

Family Constellation workshop 101 + Participant/ Witness in healing sessions - $126 (15% discount applied for your service through the healing sessions)

* Completion of Family Constellations 101 workshop is required for participation in healing sessions as a client or participant/witness

One on One Sessions:

Individualize One on One Sessions with Peter – take advantage of this master trainer’s breadth of knowledge and book an individual 120 minute session with Peter. $180/ hour. Spaces limited!

For event registration and info: Carmin Dalziel, (206) 409-3507 * goodcarmagirl@gmail.com.


DYNAMIC CHIROS 15230 Ne 24th St Ste 1-S Redmond, WA 98052

Cost: 239.00

The Power of Intentional Shift! Cracking the code to your heart’s deepest desires
~ with Brenda Michaels, Marsha Mercant and Marla Williams

b>Saturday, May 2 9AM-4PM, Sign-in: 8:30AM

How might your life be different if you trusted your intuition, your body’s signals and your heart?

Spend the day with Brenda Michaels, Marsha Mercant and Marla Williams as we delve into the power of intention. A power that holds the promise to shift your life in the direction of your dreams.

When: Saturday, May 2, 2015, 9AM-4PM, Sign-in: 8:30AM

Why attend? Because your heart knows best!

Early registration: $110.00 on or before April 24th

$135.00 after April 24th

Luncheon included!


Coast Bellevue Hotel
625 116th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA

Cost: 135.00


FRIDAY, MAY 1, 7pm Celebration


Friday, May 1, The Celebration starts at 7:00pm at the new location above Whole Foods!

Psychic Fair Saturday, Chance to win $200 gift card through Sunday!

No pre-registration for free events - we'll just see you there!

May 1 East West Bookshop moves Across the Street above Whole Foods with Free Parking! and you're Invited to help us bless the new space.

This weekend of fun kicks off Friday evening with good hospitality, delicious finger food and guest speakers: Marie Manuchehri, Rob Spears and Brenda Michaels.

Throughout our Opening Weekend you'll also have a chance to enter to win a $200 East West Gift Card, Enjoy Special Deals and participate in Saturday's Psychic fair.


East West Bookshop's New Location
6407 12th Ave. NE 98115
Seattle, WA 98115
(Above Whole Foods)

Cost: Free

Let Your Intuition Guide You To Fulfillment & Flow - A Special Mother’s Day Weekend

Fri, May 8 Keynote 7 – 10pm Sat, May 9 Workshop 9am – 5pm

In this special Mother’s Day Weekend Program Sonia Choquette, author of 19 international, best-selling books including The Answer is Simple and world-renowned teacher and intuitive guide and host, Sedena Cappannelli, Co-Founder of AgeNation and Enlivened Ageing expert, will lead you on a journey to explore one of your greatest and most powerful gifts, your intuition.

You will learn how your intuition can guide you to a life of greater joy and a Spirit-driven life. Inspiring stories, practical exercises, visualizations, and journaling are designed to place your intuition at the helm of your daily life.

This program will also include introduction to Sedena Cappannelli’s Enlivened Aging Strategies and De-aging Techniques found in her Personal Energy Program, a new Gaiam Video Program.

$49 – Friday $49 General Seating
$69 Premier Seating and Meet & Greet

Saturday, May 9 / 9:00am-5:00pm
$99 – Saturday

If you are a mother and would like to bring your mother and/or your daughter, please ask about our special Mother/Daughter program.


Center for Spiritual Living
5801 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle WA 98105

Cost: 49.00

KUNDALINI AWAKENING at the Castle with CHRISM and Dharma Sound Kirten
~ with CHRISM - Kundalini Master

May 9 - May 10, 2015

Kundalini Awakening Systems presents the "KUNDALINI AWAKENING" Seminar.

Kundalini is a powerful, transforming energy located at the base of the spine. It is a natural birthright for all people.

During the seminar you will learn how to receive and live with this gift of grace by practicing the Kundalini Awakening Systems' protocols, “The Safeties” - activities to strengthen the physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual.

Chrism, the seminar leader, came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy.

Chrism the seminar leader will be presenting talks at various venues on the many aspects of Kundalini. Each talk is unique so one can attend all for a deeper understanding of the Kundalini.

The kirtan band Dharma Sound from the Washington area will be in concert before some of the talks and will give a private concert for the seminar participants Saturday after the Seminar session. Here is the schedule:

Sunday May 3- Vision Quest Bookstore and Wellness Center 3602 Colby Ave. Everett, WA (1-4pm)with Dharma Sound

Monday May 4- Phoenix Rising Bookstore 696 Water Street Port Townsend, WA (7-10pm) with Dharma Sound

Tuesday May 5- Unity Church 4843 Auto Center Way Bremerton, WA (6-9pm)

Wednesday May 6- ESP group with Sarah Nash at Manresa Castle 651 Cleveland Street Port Townsend, WA (6:30-8:30pm)

Thursday May 7-East/West Bookshop 6500 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA (6:15-9pm) with Dharma Sound

Friday May 8-Expansions Yoga 9479 Bayshore Drive Silverdale, WA (6-9pm) with Dharma Sound

Please contact Elizabeth Daulton Gonzalez if you have any questions.

Check out Chrism on YouTube:


MANRESA CASTLE 651 Cleveland St, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Phone: (360) 385-5750

Cost: 297.00

Wisdom of The Elder – Do Not Go Quietly, Learning To Live and Love The Life You Were Born To Live
~ with George and Sedena Cappannelli with Special Guest Facilitator, Michael Meade

Fri. Jun 5, 2015 at 7:00pm - Sun. Jun 7, 2015 at 4:00pm PDT

This program is based on the Cappannelli’s book Do Not Go Quietly, offering insights into one of the most vital subjects of our time and will be joined via exclusive, pre-recorded video features by Ram Dass and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and many more.,

Special Guest Facilitator, Michael Meade, D.H.L., is a renowned storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology, anthropology, and psychology. He combines storytelling, perceptiveness, and interpretations of ancient myths with a deep knowledge of cross-cultural rituals.

Together with the wisdom offered by Michael Meade, George and Sedena will guide you on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, inspiration, healing and deeper connection to the dreams you came here to manifest and to the life you were born to live. You’ll explore some of your core beliefs, reinvigorate and redefine some of your goals, learn new life strategies, and begin to design a future with greater meaning, purpose, balance and joy!

Friday Keynote $49.00
Saturday and Sunday Workshops $125.00
Weekend Series (includes Keynote and Saturday/Sunday Workshops) $149.00


Center for Spiritual Living
5801 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle WA 98105

Cost: 49.00

The Endless Practice
~ with Mark Nepo

Fri. Jul 17, 2015 at 7:00pm Sat - Sun. Jul 19, 2015 at 9:00am PDT

Powerful, insightful, interactive, healing are just some of the words participants use to describe this program. Here are a couple of ways Mark describes this work, “Wakefulness is not a destination but a song the human heart keeps singing, the way birds keep singing at the first sign of light.”

“This program is an inquiry into how the soul works in the world and how by engaging our soul in the world, we are shaped by the endless practice of becoming the person we were born to be.”

Friday Keynote only $49.00
Saturday & Sunday Workshop $149.00


Center for Spiritual Living
5801 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Cost: 49.00


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