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May 25, 2015 Nate Jones
Nicole Matthews
Topic: ENCORE: Owner of Xlear, Inc., the Xylitol company, talks about starting the company and what he has discovered about xylitol.

Owner of The Henley Company talks about her book Permission!: Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want to Live .
May 22, 2015 Mark Anthony Topic: ENCORE: Best selling author of Never Letting Go has a new book, Evidence of Eternity - Communicating with Spirits for Proof of the Afterlife. Fascinating medium pulls together science and spirituality in a compelling manner.
May 21, 2015 Richard Barrett
Dr. Rebecca Haley
Topic: Author of The Metrics of Human Consciousness clues us to why we want to measure consciousness in the first place.

Medical Director of a Northwest umbilical cord blood program explains the benefits of cord blood.
May 20, 2015Dr. Ross Pelton
Hank Will
Topic: Health and nutrition expert talks about the new revolution in how we view health as he introduces a new probiotic that actually produces glutathione, the master anti-oxidant.

Editor of Grit Magazine talks about the reality of our changing weather patterns.
Click here to listen to archived show
May 19, 2015Dr. DiVanna VaDree Topic: The subject for Down to Earth Spirituality is LOVE. Click here to listen to archived show
May 18, 2015 Janet Conner Topic: Author of Soul Vows - Gathering the Presence of the Divine In You, Through You, and As You tells us how soul vows describe how we walk this earth. Click here to listen to archived show
May 15, 2015 Matthew Flesch Topic: The focus for the Women's Hour is on acupuncture and health with a noted Northwest Acupuncturist sharing with the panel about his experience. Click here to listen to archived show
May 14, 2015 Myra Topic: Healer, educator, author of Vibrational Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness * Understand Your Energetic Type helps make the philosophy behind holistic healing clear and understandable. Click here to listen to archived show
May 13, 2015Dr. Wendy Traynor
Jessica Kellner
Topic: Author of The Gift of Cancer: Turn Your Tragedy into a Treasure... A Treasure Map to Happiness! shares what she learned on her journey to health.

Editor of Mother Earth Living talks about the anti-inflammatory diet featured in the magazine.
Click here to listen to archived show
May 12, 2015Dr. DiVanna VaDree Topic: Down to Earth Spirituality discusses transformation from the point of view of commitment. Click here to listen to archived show
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